ABI 3130xl Sequencer

The GTAC facilty houses an ABI 3130xl sequencing machine, which can be loaded with up to 192 samples at a time. This machine and all of the supplies needed for performing and analyzing Sanger sequencing are available on site.

Sequencing Costs and Materials Available:

(all costs listed below are for SFSU/SJSU/CalAcademy users)

  • ExoSAPit for PCR cleanup: $12.50/25 μl aliquot (0.5-1.0 μl needed per sample)
  • BigDye cycle sequencing mix: $67.00/50 μl aliquot (0.3-2.0 μl needed per sample (BigDye charges include 5x BigDye buffer aliquots)
  • EDTA/alcohol post-sequencing cleanup precipitation: FREE
  • Machine Usage: $1 per lane

ABI3130xl Manual

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Sequencing reactions and the sequencing machine itself may be run by users, so long as they have been properly trained. GTAC staff is available to assist you as well. Sequencing activities are noted on the log next to the sequencer, and special orders (of chemicals, special consumables, etc.), primers, and BigDye are also noted, and all charges are included on an itemized monthly bill given to you or sent to the address you specify.

Contract Sequencing Service

We are happy to process a few samples at a time for projects that just need an occasional few sequences, e.g. for clone confirmation. Small numbers of samples submitted for sequencing are usually finished within a week. We try not to do contract sequencing for large projects, and instead train students and post-docs to do the work themselves. As a special service, we occasionally will do a few hundred sequences.

An image of the ABI 3130xl sequencing machine.